Purple Vision are often asked to share our views and expertise. We share our excitement, discoveries and thirst for knowledge at briefings, conferences, seminars, webinars and events.

Purple Vision Breakfast Briefings – We run a series of briefings to share  insight on a particular issue, theme, trend or something we have strong views on.  The sessions are small, and open invite to anyone who works in a charity or non profit and discussions are held under a variation of ‘chatham house rules‘. A cuppa and a croissant are standard issue at these events.

Round Tables – Periodically, we bring together existing clients, new clients and prospective clients who have common interests or goals.  At these events we discuss a key issue, challenge or opportunity that we jointly face.  By working together this way, everyone benefits from the end discussion with solutions and fresh thinking that helps move things forward and generate results.

Polite note: Purple Vision events are for employees and volunteers/trustees of charities and non profits, who are welcome to attend.  If you are not sure if an event is intended for you, please get in touch and ask – via our web contact form or email [email protected].

Click on the links below to see more about what we’re doing at the following events, or to sign up.

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