App Exchange

The App Exchange is a bit like the Apple Store or Google Play. But just for Salesforce.

It contains a host of apps and managed packages to run business functions, manage tasks and some smart integrations too. You’ll find three key things via the App Exchange.

1 Applications / Apps 

Just like on your phone an app offers functionality in a single place. Some of these apps work with Salesforce in just the same way that they would on your smartphone – download, install and go. Within the app you’ll be able to access a set of features and functionality for internal and in some cases external use.

Some apps may need a bit of customisation or integration support to ensure the work efficiently with your system (particularly if you have a customised Salesforce instance).  We’re happy to advise on all areas of apps and integrations – from which apps are best in our (and our customers’) experience to how an app might work with other features you’re using.

Purple Vision has its own apps too

  • Tipster – context sensitive support to help Salesforce users (find Tipster on the AppExchange) or read more about it here.
  • EventJourney -a smart set of features for event managers (on the App Exchange soon, please enquire for more info).

2 Managed Packages

A managed package is a collection of smart features and functionality ready to roll out of the box. Plug n play (with a bit of integration work). These packages use the data architecture, code and infrastructure of Salesforce to build out their functions, meaning you can use a managed package and still use Salesforce for other things too. These are particularly useful where you have a series of complex functions that would take a lot of individual customisation to create in your own Salesforce instance.

Managed packages can be brands in their own right but they all work on Salesforce and use Salesforce’s world-beating data information architecture. A great example of a managed package for non-profits is Causeview – for fundraising, volunteering and event management.

3 Integrations

Integrations are key connections that make Salesforce work with a range of third party or external tools, usually via the API (Application Protocol Interface). It means you can migrate data between the two systems. Some of these integrations need specific development, others can be easily deployed as downloads – much depends on your system, and the external systems you’re trying to connect.

There’s lots more in the AppExchange too but these are the main products and services you’ll uncover.

For each of these tools things like pricing models will vary.  Some charge an annual licence fee, some a monthly fee per user with a minimum number of users.

When evaluating options in the App Exchange, cost and licensing is worth considering alongside features, functionality and how things like upgrades are managed.

The Purple Vision team have extensive experience of a wide range of App Exchange services and products, so if you need help in finding the right tool for you, our Salesforce signposting services may be of value to you.

As Registered Consulting Partners we’re qualified and experienced and ready to help.

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