Salesforce Marketing Cloud (travel)

The system is part of the wider Salesforce community and offers unparalleled integration options with the CRM and other solutions.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (for travel agents and tour operators) itself is a separate platform, made up of different channels (or delivery mechanisms).  You can use just one, two or scale and add the whole tool kit.  This scalability is one of the key features of the cloud, allowing you to move to a sophisticated platform for your marketing and communications activities, but on a basis that you can control as you grow and develop.

Built on the Salesforce trusted platform, the tool is ‘fuelled’ by data which is gathered or aggregated from a range of systems, analysed against the parameters you choose (segmentations, location etc) and the data then applied to create tailored messaging and content which is delivered through the channels which are activated for the organisation.  This may just be email but could include mobile, social, web and advertising too.

Purple Vision’s view:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fantastic and very scalable tool.  With the expectation from customers that you’ll be where they want you to be, online and 24/7, this system provides you with the ability to not only meet but exceed their expectations.  Whether you start with a single channel, opt for multi-channel or head for the omni-channel route, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s smart (and evolving) features allow you to put your customers at the heart of your marketing, delivering results and ROI. 

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